Cold Pursuit of a Hot Case Now Available!

So you want a free story? I got ya covered! Releasing today, the short ‘prequel story’ for “Tales From the Dream Nebula” has been released on our newsletter. Sign up and you can download the story for free!

Stolen imperial arms. Corrupt local officials. Suave arms dealers. An imperial marshal on a mission. And who is this mysterious accomplice? 

Mr. Tollman has cemented his deals, bribed the local constabulary, and is ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor. But his plans go awry when Imperial Marshal Dynne, a relentless and zealous hand of Xiao’s justice, arrives to arrest him and retrieve the lucrative payload Tollman was escorting to his buyer. This leaves Tollman in a quandary – how to escape the net set by imperial security and get away with his goods when he is trapped in a mountain top castle during a blizzard?

Sounds kinda fun, huh? If you want your copy, just sign up at the link at the bottom of this page for our monthly newsletter.

This month, we don’t have any events, but look out, June! We’ve got 2! The WV Renaissance Festival and the WV Celtic Fest and Highland Games. (Selling books, games and more).

Just as a heads up, the Dream Nebula is being converted into a TTRPG which is going to be Twitch streamed in partnership with the Dragon’s Den in Beckley, WV. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on that, but we’re looking at new content and episodes starting in July, but may get a teaser as we work the kinks out of the system in June. Should be a grand old time. A schedule will be announced soon as things get firmed up, characters are made, plots are sketched out, and the graves of our intrepid players dug.

Got more questions? Get in touch with us! We’re shy like water buffalo.

Till then, vaya con Dios!

Justice is coming, and they aren’t ready.