Short Stories

Not everything that I have written, or will write falls into the category of fantasy.  My first love is still Science Fiction as well as historical fiction and Mysteries.  In my youth I was very hung up on horror, so many elements of that have colored my writing.  I have also written several pieces of fan fiction for my online gaming unit, The Seraphim, for the game Mechwarrior Online.  But, as these were intended more for fun than for anything else, I offer them here in their original, rough hewn format for your entertainment.  Many of these are first drafts and will not be polished works, but sometimes, that’s just half the fun.

Mechwarrior Seraphim Fan Fiction

Here are a collection of short stories created for my character for the game, Kjudoon. (Cha-doon)

Kjudoon (Parts 1 and 2)
My character’s origin story

The One Armed Bandit
I earned the nickname the “One Armed Bandit” from a real event in game.  I know, it sounds oxymoronic.  At the time, I was playing on a computer too slow to handle the game properly, AND with my right arm immobilized, so I did it all with one hand… my off hand.  This is a dramatized account of the match.

After the recapture of the Seraphim’s homeworld, Ascuncion, during the Marik counter attack versus Davion on the Wazan Campaign front in the first iteration of MWO community warfare

The Garrison Reborn
The Seraphim forms its new Kherubim Militia.

The Origin of Kjudoon’s Name
Where did the name Kjudoon come from?