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I’m on the Ingram Spark network for paperback and hardcover.  Most of your local brick and mortar bookstores will be able to order it for you through them. That’s what you can do if you like to support local businesses.

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Tales From the Dream Nebula
“Lucid Reality”

“Lucid Reality” is the sequel to “Dreams Within Dreams”, a wild retrofuturist pulp-punk that combines the excitement of “Flash Gordon” & “Smokey and the Bandit” with “The Matrix” and “Talespin”. Winston Harper, a skytrucker now on the wrong side of imperial law when he takes a less than legal job to keep ahead of the bill collectors and is stuck between many rocks and even more hard cases.

Somedays… the right thing is the wrong thing to do.

Sky trucker Winston Harper thought he was in the clear. He evaded imperial forces to deliver his contraband cargo, escaped a black void event, and performed the heroic rescue of a medical facility. But, no good deed goes unpunished, because his act of mercy has landed him in a load of trouble.

Now he’s stuck dealing with a cargo load of crazy, including a noble woman trying to free her brother-in-law from false imprisonment, a stowaway that almost fried his brain and a corrupt administrator determined to lobotomize them all to keep the secrets of the Bonavitae Corporation hidden.

Add to that an epic storm, being stalked by pirates from behind and imperial security cutting them off, Winston and company are caught between rocks and hard cases, with options dwindling fast. It’s going to take a whole lot of skill and a ton of luck to get back control of his tug, the Sierra Madre, from those who hijacked it and fly out of this cheis-storm!

Tales From the Dream Nebula
“Dreams Within Dreams”

“An imaginative, action-packed tale that reads like a vision. If you like a bit of cyberthriller in your sci-fi… you’ll enjoy this one.”

– Kerry Nietz. Award winning author of “The Dark Trench Saga” & “Amish Vampires From Outer Space”

Enter a world with no stars… no sun… no moon… no Earth. Only “the Dream”…

Winston Harper is a sky trucker down on his luck. Years of numbing his past trauma has whittled away his reputation. Blacklisted and back to the wall, Winston’s only hope of survival is a no-questions-asked contract offering pay high enough to make him forget his own name. What could possibly go wrong? When the client changes the deal and imperial security crashes the party, he’s on the run caught between the empire and a rebellion. Hauling ten containers of contraband cargo, and guided by a mysterious femme fatale who holds all the cards, death may be the better way out…

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where the lines between technology and biology have become blurred, humanity survives on the remains of the solar system scattered about in a sky of endless twilight, ruled by an alien entity. Follow Winston Harper as he becomes entangled in the struggle against the cosmic empire and potentially, the secrets of humanity’s lost past… and perhaps its future?

“Dreams Within Dreams” is the first novel in a rollicking retro-futuristic Sci-Fi serial merging cyberpunk and old school pulp adventure with a touch of neo-noir intrigue. It’s “Flash Gordon” meets “Smokey and the Bandit” meets “The Matrix” meets “Talespin”.

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Book 1

Akiniwazisaga: A Light Rises in a Dark World

What determines the value of a soul?

Despite young Reimar’s heroics, his farmhold’s crops are burned in a savage raid. Desperate, the village elders petition for help from the church for enough food to survive the fast approaching winter. But the local parish is flooded with pleas from many others in similar need and aid is short.

Brother Finn, is stranded on his way into exile by a Viking attack that damaged his ship. On pain of death, he must reach his appointed sanctuary before winter freezes the lakes. Caring nothing for the consequences Brother Finn might suffer, the local priest who’s authority he is under orders him to aid in the distribution of alms. Finn is sent to Reimar’s farmhold to gauge what can be done. Discovering the farmhold’s need, Brother Finn brokers a trade to make up the difference: seven children will be given to the church in exchange for the food needed to survive.

Having created the deal, Brother Finn is forced to finish what was started. He must escort Reimar and the other six children to Saint Martin’s Academy for training. He must shepherd them across the rugged land and lakes of Akiniwazi by train and ship. A gauntlet of dangers filled hostile savages, Vikings, killer storms and demons. Can Brother Finn reach his sanctuary before the snow comes? Will Reimar and the children survive their journey to a better life?

Book 2

Akiniwazisaga: The Inheritance Thieves

In Akiniwazi, the veil between Heaven, Earth and Hell is torn. Here angels, miracles and gifts of the Spirit do battle against demons, curses and their sorcery. This is a wild land of ice and steam, where two cultures are trapped in a war to the death and the fate of every soul hangs in the balance.

What does it profit a man to gain the world, but lose his immortal soul?

For centuries, the Akiniwazi Union, has been ruled by the Sveinnaettir Dynasty. Now crumbling under the weight of debt, politics and an ancient family curse, Gregor the Visekonge entrusts his son with a dangerous quest in an attempt to restore the power of his crown. The Visekonge’s plan emboldens an ambitious vassal to steal the crown for his own son and rewrite the lines of succession.

But God has a plan of his own.

Inquisitor Urban heads for home for much needed rest and put the memories of the Battle of Athrvorthfestning behind him. Along the way he encounters Aske Rekkerson, a Skaerslinger timberjack who shows him a ring of silver and a ring of gold and tells of the grisly events surrounding them. Urban realizes these rings are connected to the vicious politics of the Visekonge’s court and the sectarian intrigue behind Brother Finn’s exile by the church.

Meanwhile, Brother Finn finds himself plucked from his peaceful exile and unknowingly dropped into the middle of a corrupt and powerful conspiracy that threatens the Union, the Kyrkja and his life.

Book 3

Akiniwazisaga: Into the High Places

When all seems lost, is faith alone enough?
Leif, heir to the crown of the Akiniwazi Union, is more than a thousand miles away from his coronation. Cut off by a blockade of rebel jarls and their confederated armies, he enlists the aid of his berserker champion and a willing company of three monks to trek north and outmaneuver those who would steal his crown. For this plan to succeed, they must traverse a mountain range full of treacherous glaciers, Skaerslinger warbands and a mystery that defies explanation.

As the power vacuum in the capital tears at the fabric of the city, Leif’s mother fights to protect his inheritance against the rebel Jarls nefarious plots to deny him his crown. Navigating through this shadow war where politics and faith collide, the Inquisitor Urban and Herre Aske continue their dogged pursuit of the truth surrounding the strange gold ring which now brings death to those who get too close to its occult secrets!