Afterglow: Causeacon 2023

Causeacon is done, and it has been quite the experience. We learned a lot, had tons of fun and had our best event for sales thus far. The weather held, dry when we needed to unload and load, for which we were grateful. The staff and volunteers were great. Helpful and attentive. Thanks to all of them for their hard work and time.

It was good to see some familiar faces at the Con with Pithy Productions (The man knows how to work a pith helmet and utili-kilt.), and our buddies over at the Dragon’s Den (Who was on walkabout at times, taping stuff. You can see me on video teaching an attendee how to play Morris. Go check it out.)

Also, surprisingly enough, I was included in Fox 59’s reporting on Causeacon! It was great to have the opportunity and talk a little bit about my fantasy world with them.

It was also kind of fun to be just around the corner from the Harp Twins plus the Volfgang Twins so it was a bit of Nordic/Celtic fun on just the other side of the curtains. Didn’t have a chance to go see their concert, but that’s the way it is as a vendor. You don’t get to see much of the events.

So many people tried out Morris for the first time. I even had to play one person for a purchase, and BOY he was good! He had me down to 3 pieces and fighting for my life. I was fortunate enough to then whittle him down to 3 and then it was a mental knife fight for who would miss the opportunity first. Fortunately I won and he bought a copy of the game. One of the most enjoyable games I’ve played thus far. So if you come to our booth, you might get to challenge me and see if you can do me in. (Coming up we’ll have even more types of games to play).

Of course, I had 2 gaming session events for “Welcome to the Dream Nebula” set up. And they went fantastic. As usual, my planned game went a bit long Saturday night. We closed the place down again, just after a powerful thunderstorm rolled through. Now let me tell you, being in a former military armory made for very sound and safe environs to weather a storm in. None of us really knew it was happening till it was all over and we were told to be careful on our drive home because trees were down.

The players: Eddie, Sage, Jimmy, “Brownstick”, Jerry and Bridget having fun in the Dream Nebula.

The gang got into the story and had a lot of fun, and the combat ended in hilarious fashion. Of course, that meant the mystery of what happened was the focus of the next gaming session.

The drive home was pretty spectacular, despite having to take it slow. We ended up chasing the thunderstorms as they crossed the mountains. Lots of lightning, a bit of melting hail and all the fun that comes from driving the multi-mile stretch of 7% grade down Sandstone mountain, after midnight… in a downpour. Thankfully the animals decided it was a good night to stay put.

I was extremely happy to have all the players come back, although Bridget had to miss because she was keeping an eye on the booth, for we could not run past the end of the convention, but we picked someone else up mid-way through who added a fun new twist to the game.

Eddie, Sage, Jimmy, “Brownstick”, Jerry and now featuring Reuben (and son) as our troup of players.

Thank you all for making it such a memorable time.

In other news, the freebie story is almost done. Just a little more editing and working on the “cover” image and it will be ready for the newsletter in a week or so. Then it’ll be time to fix the problems with our new pillage pouch games that had to miss on this event, and have them all ready for the next events coming in June. Expect to see “Fox and Geese”, plus “Tafl” then.

Geez! I also just realized that means it’s only 7 weeks away for “Tales From the Dream Nebula” book 2, “Lucid Reality”! Oh so much to do. I’ll be reaching out for ARC readers to get early copies and leave reviews on Amazon, Smashwords, Reedsy and/or Goodreads! (Just not FB… found out Amazon will remove your review if you review it there too… the jerks.)

And as a heads up, we’ll have a revised schedule as some changes are coming. Data following Causeacon has proven that we’ll need to see about some different events going forward. Those on the event calendar in green are set/locked, ergo they won’t change barring some disaster.

Don’t forget if you have put up a review of my books on your site or some social media post, send me the link!

Till next time then. Vaya con Dios!

An early concept picture for the cover of “Cold Pursuit of a Hot Case”

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