Interview: Halfling & The Spaceman – Podcast

A portrait of Mother, maybe?

Last March, I had a lovely conversation with a couple at Fantasci who ran a podcast for fans and fandoms. They are called “Halfling and the Spaceman” and are an adorable couple that seem to live up to their self applied sobriquet. Anyway, after my darling bride charmed the pants off them, we talked and decided that I would be a good match for their podcast. We taped it a couple weeks ago and they just released it this last week. Yes, I know I’m slow to update you all, but here it is. An hour’s worth of feisty rambling and questions you didn’t really care to know the answers to. Or maybe you did. I dunno, but it was fun to do, and very surreal to listen to how it turned out. I can safely say they didn’t do any unkind edits and are great interviewers.

Take a listen and enjoy!

Other than that, it’s been delay and slowdown city here. It will yield one positive to my newsletter subscribers though… a new free short story will be in the works for Tales From the Dream Nebula’s “Amplified World”.

Next Weekend: We’re vending at the WV Renaissance Festival outside of Lewisburg. If you want to see me in period costume (or as close as I’m getting) come take a visit. Buy a book or 3 and generally enjoy a great little renn faire! Details in our schedule.

The next weekend, we’re going to be (hopefully) running another live test for the Dragon’s Den Twitch stream. It’s episode zero, so it’s mostly going to be making up characters, talking story that the players want to play, but if you want to engage via the chat, we’ll be keeping an eye on it, and maybe you can have some influence on the stories that we tell going forward. I have a base idea of where it’s going to go, but it’s very loosey-goosey right now.

And of course, watch for “Lucid Reality” coming in June! Book 2 of “Tales From the Dream Nebula”. I’m not sure which weekend it will officially release, but if we can get everything nailed down there will be books available the third weekend in June at the WV Celtic Festival and Highland Games in Beverly, WV! I won’t be in period costume, but it should be a lot of fun!

That’s all for now… but I have some things brewing to talk about soon.

Till next time, vaya con Dios!

Life’s not easy being a skytrucker.

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