Off to Causesacon + Newsletter News

This weekend is Causeacon weekend and as always, we try something new with the shows. Find what works best for our fans and what they might like, and test out new things. The big new thing ties in to our newsletter, which in a week or so, will have the launch of our first ever Tales From the Dream Nebula freebie story!

That’s right! Because we’re setting up to sell ebooks direct, we can also sell “autographed” copies of the ebook at shows. You buy the download, you get a free postcard with the cover art, the download code and signature.

But sign up for the newsletter and you can get “Cold Pursuit of a Hot Case” for free! This is an addendum story to the series and hopefully one of many more to come. In the future you will also find serialized content, Akiniwazisaga related stories and more.

For those interested in getting in line for the newsletter freebie, here’s the QR code for you.

For those interested and able, come meet us at Causeacon in Beckley, WV this weekend! I’ll also be running two sessions of “Welcome to the Dream Nebula” my GURPS 4ed adaptation of the Dream Nebula setting where you can play a character in this new retro-futurist pulp upgrade universe.

See you there and till next time, vaya con Dios!

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