Upcoming Newsletter Free Content

With the introduction of the newsletter in the next couple weeks (not sure if it will be end of or beginning of the month yet) you’re going to be able to start getting some free content.

To kick it off, I’m working on a new Interlude for the Tales From the Dream Nebula main storyline. Something that will fill in a gap a little for one the first three novellas. If you’ve read the first book, you’ll know some of the characters, but introduce you to a mysterious man behind the curtain.

There will be four different types of freebie content at the moment. Two for Dream Nebula and two for Akiniwazisaga.

  • Dream Nebula Interludes: These will be stories directly related to the main story arc of the world. It may not involve Winston directly, but the characters who surround him.
  • Dream Nebula – Amplified World: These stories will be about the Dream Nebula but are not going to be connected to the main story arc. It will come from the TTRPG that I will be running and could be a second campaign of “novelizations/transcripts”, streams and audio productions.
  • Akiniwazisaga Appendicies: These will be worldbuilding content related to the setting of Akiniwazi but not attached directly to the novels.
  • Akiniwazisaga Apocrypha: Like the amplified world, these will be separate stories that relate to the events of the main storyline, but do not necessarily involve the main characters.

Some of the items may find themselves published later in print or ebook formats, but as members of the Newsletter, you’ll get early access or exclusive access to things nobody else gets.

So keep an eye out for the launch announcement to sign up and get your copy before anyone else does.

Till Next time, vaya con Dios!