Multi-purpose Walkie-Stabby-Slashy Stick

This is a prop. Only a prop. Don’t think you can go Captain Ahab or Ishmael with this bad boy.

Not to scale.

On the other hand, it can make an excellent walking stick if you’re so inclined. Brother Finn’s harpoon as featured in the Akiniwazisaga is a mainstay style of stylized war scythe based on a classic harpoon style that goes back into the early middle ages when whale, walrus and other massive sea creatures were the means to survival for those living in the arctic.

It has become the symbol of the Havarian Order in Akiniwazi, for the many thematic links in the Bible, from being fishers of men, to the story of Jonah.

These will be made in limited number as they are oversized (approximate 7 feet long), but it’s also a unique item. I’ve seen nothing like these on Etsy (unless you’re talking the real thing) or as other props out there.

So if you want something very unique for your cosplay outfit, Halloween costume or something to hang on the wall of your den. We got you covered.

…Or take it walking and make your neighbors really wonder what you’re up to.

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