Author Event: WV State Fair Craft Show Oct 7-9th

Just a quick reminder to everyone, tomorrow is the WV State Fair Craft Show in Lewisburg, WV. The show is being held at the State Fairgrounds in the West Virginia Building on the fairgrounds. We have a booth there and will be selling autographed copies of my paperbacks as well as the previously shown merch. Hope to see some of you out there! More news to come!

In the mean time, here’s some more AI artwork that I’ve been working on. Sometimes you just dont’ get what you need from the prompts or you get “cursed” images that leave you asking “What was THAT?!” It seems that happens when the software can’t make up it’s mind and suddenly you get multiple arms, half a torso, two hands at the same wrist or even weirder results.

Here are some of the better rejects created by the AI models as I’ve been working toward something special for Tales From The Dream Nebula, which will be going up for pre-order soon. Enjoy, laugh, stare at them in confusion. Whatever feels most comfortable.

Ciao for now!

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