I Smell Pretty. Oh! So Pretty!

Before I married my darling Bride, she was making soaps to sell at craft shows as a side hobby business. Now, we’re making scent lines specifically for Akiniwazisaga. As more come out, we will also be adding things for Tales From the Dream Nebula.

Now, you too can smell like a viking. A rather frilly… well okay, no. Not really. That’s overselling them a little. They kinda stunk a bit, BUT hygiene was important to them, so you can be like them in that respect. Not saying anything! Not judging! They’re fun soaps and scents. I actually use and like these myself. I know, oversharing, but still. We’re going to start with 3 scents. One for each book out and see how it goes. If interest is strong, we may make these available online, in small batches. Stuff like that.

These are just some of the wider varieties we are making: Orange Honeysuckle Shampoo Bars, Apple Pie scrubs, Soothing Lilac/Lavender vanity bars. 8 other types will be available ultimately.

So, >cough<…

Anyone else wanna feel pretty?

Just… um… sayin.

I’ll let myself out.


  1. Sounds cool!! Does your darling bride have any idea for sea/ocean-inspired scents?

    I’d be interested in buying some of the lavender/lilac bars…


    1. For now we don’t have any sea/ocean scents, but I’ll have to put that in the basket of ideas. Of course, ambergris would be well out of the range for scents available, though very appropriate for my book themed soaps. 🙂 I’ve been informed that we have both a lilac and a lavender soap, not combined. They are pretty colors though. I’ll contact you via email for more details.

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