Here Chickchickchick!

People like seeing the cute stuff going on in my life, so here are 8 fluffy blobs of kyootness. Our new farm hands in training. May they produce lots of eggs over the next 2-3 years, and then be tasty afterwards.

We currently have them housed in their own little brooding hutch with an artificial chicken, cat supervisors and lots of warmth in the corner of our kitchen. The cats on the other hand have no idea what to make of them and are scared to stand on top of the hutch which was made to support the weight of all 4 of our fluffy game wardens.

Dot is terribly jealous something in the house is cuter than her. She also still holds a bit of a grudge I had to shave her for mats. Well, cat… that’s what you get when you wont let me brush you!

Sam and Dot supervise the new arrivals closely.
Sam: Iz fuud?
Dot: Iz nawt fuud. Iz skarry tings.

Quick update: The West Virginia State Fair Craft Show in Lewisburg runs Oct 7th through the 9th. Come on by and visit our table for soaps, wooden toys/cosplay props, Morris boards, and of course autographed copies of my books.

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