Yogurt says “Merchandising!”

The master, Mel Brooks says it all.

With the craft shows coming, and next years cons and lots of rebranding it was time to show you guys what the busy little beavers (we can’t afford elves right now. Santa’s cornered the market) have been working on. The darling bride is a wonder at more physical crafts, and so I wanted to show off some of her work. Currently all the new merchandise coming out is not yet available for sale till the West Virginia State Fair Craft Show on the weekend of Oct 7th. After that, we are looking into selling these items online. If you see something you are interested in, let us know! It is possible that we can make them on special order.

A sample model of our Viking short sword.
We also have long swords.

The swords are made of wood, rather sturdy, lightweight and have faux leather wrapped handles. Great for kids with some energy to work off running around playing some knightly games or something to go with a Halloween costume or cosplay for an adult.

These are all hand crafted, meaning they will be unique due to small variations. You want machine stamped, that’s not us, and the paint, leather will vary, so it’s best you come by the booth or it’s going to be similar but not precisely the one you see in the picture.

More updates coming soon.