Surprise! Upcoming Live Events!

Lots of things are starting to happen around here! Big ta-doins in the last 24 hours and we’re gearing up for a set of live events.

As it stands right now, me and my lovely bride are going to begin selling our books directly through craft shows, comicons and other live events. We are in the final stages of securing booths at 3 events leading up to the big book launch in Feb 2023, with a 4th in negotiation.

Next up: West Virginia State Fair Craft Show this October.

If you want more information on when and where, visit my Guilded channel. That is where the most up to date information can be found. You can link up with me by text or voice here. Come on by and chat! If ya don’t join up, you’re missing out on what’s going on!

Resonant Point on Guilded

Photo by Brett Sayles on

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