But Wait…! There’s More!

There are better ways to defend yourself, squire.

In continuing with the upcoming merchandise, what’s a sword without a shield to go with it? Huzzah!

With Ragnarite heraldry

Add “Parry” to your “Ha! Ho-ho! Guard!”

These are very sturdy wood with a stainless steel boss. A perfect match for the swords I showed you previously. The Order of Ragnar or Ragnarite Sect evolved from the Jesuits and crusaders who returned from the Holy Land. They became some of the fiercest evangelical warriors in Akiniwazi, both feared and loved. Like crusader paladins spreading the Word of God by the sword if necessary. They are often the speartip against the most heinous demonic enemies and creatures in Akiniwazi.

Two other heraldric designs are coming. One of the Visekonge, ruler of the Akiniwazi Union, with the crown seal and the opposing Jarl Vilhoaettir. Those are in production now.

Again, if you some merch that grabs your attention and would really like to consider buying it, reach out and contact us!

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