Yar! Shall We Play A Game?

So say you aren’t interested in actually defeating your foes in battle but prefer conquest of a more intellectual sort?

Or maybe something not quite as socially questionable in today’s modern society, perhaps?

Even Vikings longed for a light day of crushing their enemies. To that end, Scandinavian men abroad brought with them their own Morris boards, and now you can too! This is Tic-Tac-Toe’s larger angrier Visigoth barbarian uncle Scandinavian people don’t talk about much among nice company. It’s been a popular strategy game since before the Romans were big stuff.

Now you can play 3, 6, 9 or the full 12 Man Morris game on the go! Instructions will come with, and when it’s time to pack up and go, you can just put all the pieces right back into the game bag that the board is on, hop into your longboat and start rowing to the next raid.

Or go get a coffee from your local barista on the way to picking up the kids from Futbol practice. However you roll.

Packed up nice and neat and ready to travel.

Our boards are a little fancier with the red diagonals to help with legal moves in less than full games. Ironically, it’s been my discovery that 9 and 6 Man Morris are not necessarily quicker games, and have been found to my mind to be a bit more difficult due to the limitations placed on the board. Or I just stink at the game. :::insert cheeky grin:::

Again, let us know if you have interest in this.


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