All Over the World

I love that I have an international audience.  Seriously guys, it’s fantastic to see how one little thing, and yes I’m little for now (wish the scale would agree with this) but growing and that makes me so happy.



So thank you to my followers and guests from all over the world.

Also in relation to this, I realize that my setting for my novel may have part to do with any interest.  A long time ago, a friend of mine who is Native American pointed out to me that in my area, (Wisconsin USA) southwest Indian stuff sold very well.  On the other hand, down in other parts of the US, woodland Indian stuff sold well too to people who lived there.  Of course, this is in addition to what they have native by them.  It is a flavor of the culture.

That got me thinking about it internationally.  What I see as boring and every day is strange and exotic once you start crossing boarders and travelling.  To me, Europe and Australia is exciting, for their culture is similar in many ways, and more familiar.  On the other hand Asia, South America and Africa are far more exotic.  I supposed after a bit, that the converse might be true.  My boring going to a supper club for a fish fry, up at the cabin and watching a Packer Game is a far different life than someone say in Malaysia or New Delhi.

This has made me both more proud to be where I’m from, as well as more interested in sharing about my home.

Hey, that gives me an idea for another type of article to write!  Huzzah!

(We’ll try that tomorrow.)