ISTMPOTI: Future Fun for Fans


Yes, I summon the mighty power of the Internets for your thoughts!

First off, I know it’s Wednesday and I normally do not do daily posts, I’m just trying to learn when are the best days and times to post.  So get ready for a lot of shorter posts for a while. I know I know… how cheesetastic of me.  I’m a Wisconsinite, cheese is in the blood.

…and bratwurst.

…and a significant amount of beer.


As the 2nd edit swoops in for a close, I am curious to what things you guys think are of value to drop in, keep in touch and sound off.  To that end, I am considering on adding a few new “features” to the mix.

  1. Twitch feed.  Yes, I’m toying with adding a live stream of my gaming stuff and perhaps allow for live chatting.  I play World of Warships, DC Universe Online and Guildwars 2.  Maybe it would be a fun way for others to socialize with me.  Watch the feed, text me stuff, or even find me in game to run together.  :::shrug::: What do you think?
  2. Moar content!  Do you guys like the freebie, behind the scenes notes and articles I’ve been putting up for my novel and for other things?  IF you don’t care, that’s cool, just well, tip me off what you’re thinking.  I’m not going to be wanting to post stuff nobody wants to hear about.  Why be masochistic to both of us, right?
  3. Something else I haven’t thought about yet that’s even more awesomerer you can suggest!  No really.  I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing, but I’m always open to good ideas.  What is something cool you would like to see.

As always, comment below your thoughts.  Let’s have a dialogue here.






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