July 15th Twitch Stream Stand Down

How do everybody.

(Update: We are go for launch on August 10th at 1pm-ish eastern time!)

Sadly, due to illness, we won’t be able to do the Twitchstream of Tales From the Dream Nebula today (July 15th). Some nasty bug took out the guy with all the cameras, account access, etc. So despite our best efforts, or mediocre efforts, we can’t stream today. We’re looking to try again for August, sandwiched between Big Lick Comicon and Pikeville Gaming Con.

As a consolation though… How about I share a map with you? Sound like a nice door prize? A year supply of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat?

Behold… The Chimera Belt!

Where all dem wild things live!

Transit times are estimated at a cruising speed of Mach 10.

The territory is a safe haven for sentients who did not come originally from humanity but from uplifted animals. So a swath of sky filled with Islands of Dr. Moreau. Some are incredibly dangerous and hostile to those not like themselves. Others can be quite friendly.

Since the Amphimorphs (frogs and salamander people)are in open rebellion against Xiao, they’re an outright rebel skyland at Rrre’Dibit. Others like the Cephalomorphs (squid and octopus people) are just such alien intelligences as compared to humans… it’s not a good mix.

Beware Port Jean Rire! Here there be skypirates. We’re not talking the Jack Sparrow type either. Well, maybe there are a few Jack Sparrows out there but they’re not the norm!

At least Xiao has his local representative ruling from his own private fortress in Tsarhaven and military control out of the Coll-Serra Naval Base. That’ll keep those tourists at Rio Marto safe.

The blue blobs you see floating at the edge are splashes of waterburgs. skyland sized blobs of water floating around an undeterminable gravitational anomaly acting as little wobbly oceans. Engage at your own risk. Your ship may or may not be air tight, but water pressure can still happen! Plus you might be running into a lot of very smart and hostile beings in there!

If things weren’t bad enough, the atmospheric currents have blessed the Chimera belt with three navigation hazards known as trash whorls. They are clouds of collected garbage stuck in eddies of the winds like a Sargasso sea and the doldrums mixed with a garbage patch and aircraft graveyard. Yet people never seem to stay away. There’s lots of spoils and riches to be found out there for cash. Not only pirates and monsters, but also touchy prospectors, salvagers and more looking to make their fortunes

Last but not least, beware the Ushi Methane Clouds if you can. This section of the dream has highly dangerous pockets of methane gas that can suffocate you or detonate from your grav fans as you fly through and don’t keep a far enough of a distance. This feeds Trash Whorl Charlie a lot of new wreckage, making it a rich and attractive place to the brave and enterprising.

There you have it. A quick overview of the Chimera Belt. We will keep you informed once we confirm the next… inaugural broadcast of “Tales From the Dream Nebula” GURPs edition will be streaming on Twitch!

Till then, vaya con Dios!