Surprise Holiday Sale!

Well the holiday is merely a coincidence, but it sounds good! Anyway, we decided to put Dreams Within Dreams ebook on a 99 cent sale on Amazon for the next 2 weeks. Now’s the time to buy it! July 3rd – July 18th, you will be able to get the first installment of Tales From the Dream Nebula discounted under a buck! What’s not to like? If you’ve been hesitating on buying it, welllllll… now you have less of an excuse. Come on… take the plunge. Here. Listen to what smart interesting readers I’ve got have to say about “Dreams Within Dreams”

Top-notch writing and sturdy characterizations propel an enjoyable and entertaining plot that moves at warp speed. It’s an engaging and nimble read, with enough glimpses into Winston’s back story to round out the character without giving away too much, too soon. No No Doze necessary! Because this Dream isone heckuva page turner, replete with rapier wit and razor-sharp repartee.
A clever blend of sci fi, futuristic fantasy, and high-octane adventure, Dreams Within Dreams includes a surprise ending of the O. Henry variety. Sheer brilliance.
Dreams Within Dreams is Book 1 in the Tales From the Dream Nebula series. ‘Fize you, I’d get in line now for the next installment.

– Kristine L. – Reedsy Reviews

Creative beyond anything I could’ve imagined

M. D. Boncher is probably the most creative person I’ve ever met. This world he’s created goes far beyond anything I’ve ever read. The characters, inventions, and plot are so unlike anything I’ve read that it all kept me glued to the page. I just wanted to explore this world more. The story itself is so fun and full of twists and turns. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next book to see what takes place next.

Philip Wilder – Amazon

Containing hearty dollops of 40’s style pulp action and creative cyberpunk tropes, Dreams Within Dreams is a wildly imaginative adventure. This first installment is fast-paced, with vivid world-building, solid characterizations and snappy dialogue. Like an old film serial, it ends on something of a cliff hanger, so be prepared to step right into the next episode. I believe fans of John C. Wright’s mind-bending space operas in particular will surely enjoy this new series. Happily recommended!

S. Pierzchala – Goodreads

Or if you prefer a tiktok review, you can check this out from book reviewer Treeflower.

That’s not all, of course, “Lucid Reality” is getting a fair chunk of attention too!

 It’s like a space opera on steroids.
The story is fun and amusing with a deeper meaning throughout.

Jenn Lees – Goodreads

The Matrix-y and (especially in the last portion of the book) Dune-ish aspects of the book are ratcheted up, but much of the story stays true to the Firefly vibe of the first installment. Clever linguistic and cultural assimilation of “old earth” into this dystopian sci-fi future abound and are the fodder of some fun in-jokes.

This quick read boasts infectious characters, a compelling narrative, and a beautifully weird, complicated space environment. The author has a firm grip on all of the moving parts, so saddle up and enjoy the ride!

M. B. Heywood – Goodreads

Jumping in right where “Dream Within Dreams” left off, the reader is thrown straight into the action. This book, like the last one, is like a roller coaster that has more adrenaline inducing steep slopes, inversions, and tight turns than it has slow climbs. You get drawn into the action sequences, and when you think you get to stop holding your breath the book throws another curve ball at you.

Torfinn Brokke – Goodreads

Treeflower also gave another nice review on Tiktok here as well.

So check the books out and until next time when I’ll catch you up on the Celtic Fest and Highland Games we were at a few weeks back, vaya con Dios!