Bonus Post: New Games!

As many of you know by now, when we go to cons and shows, we sell game bags. Our handy “Pillage Pouches” for the On-The-Go Viking. You can take your favorite board game with you on the longboat between raids, or when you’re sailing down river and don’t have to row so much.

We had such rousing success with our Morris bags, we decided it was time to add more games for Akiniwazisaga. (I’m gonna have to feature them in the books I guess). It’s been lots of fun playing the games with people who come up or teaching them how to play at the booths.

Next up is Fox and Geese!

Art created in part by Stable Diffusion

This game is a fun little romp of uneven side goodness. Multiple difficulty levels to play with varying numbers of Geese trying to surround that poor little fox.

Forsamling versus Skaerslinger
Art created in part by Stable Diffusion

The classic game of Tafl, set in the Akiniwazisaga setting. Help the Visekonge escape the Skaerslinger trap to one of his ships. Two ways to set it up, but there are many variants that can be played on this 13×13 board, including the Welsh version of Tawlbyrdd

Currently these games are only available in person, but maaaayyyyyybeee we can be convinced if people want to buy these by mail. Let us know if you’re interested. Supplies will be limited.

Till next time, vaya con Dios!

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