Two Bits of Good News and an Apology

A disaster struck and I didn’t realize it.  Those seem to be the worst kind.


Something completely preventable, yet, it slipped right on by the boards. When people say that your first book is when you work out all the kinks and learn a lot by doing things wrong, brother, they ain’t kidding!

So here’s the Apology Sammich.

First the good news, what has happened has been fixed.  Yep.  The new .epub file uploaded AND those who have purchased it should automatically update.  IF IT DOES NOT… contact me.  Seriously.  I have edited the book one last time, and it has yielded some significant improvements.  It’s now broken into 40 chapters, so they’re more bite sized reads, and not some of the woofers I had before.  There have been a few little bits of exposition or dialogue that bring out a more complete aspect to what I intended to say, and the action sequences read smoother too.  So although nothing Earthshattering changed, the angels are in the details.

But the biggest change has to go with the apology.

I am dreadfully sorry for sending out a product that was not perfect, let alone beneath professional standards.  That said, thank you in advance for any forgiveness.  It was similar to the scene in Elf where James Caan is confronted with the mistake he made with a children’s book.  I laugh only to hide the pain and am still mad at myself.  The biggest sin, which you should be aware of is that chapter 27, “Lost Lambs” somehow was missing.  Yes, and entire chapter somehow got deleted when I compiled the book!  It was an important chapter to boot!  So grumpy with myself on this. I take full responsibility for that.  I don’t know how I missed that, or that it was missed till just now!  Let me tell you I’ve been just sick about it all since learning about it.  Mea culpa.  Mea maxima culpa!

But… It’s fixed now!  I’ll probably beat myself up over this mistake for years to come, so pile on while it’s fresh.

Now, for the last bit of good news.  I am a hop skip and a jump away from having paperbacks available.  There are a few things left to clear up, and once that’s done, I’m hoping to push the “print” button the first week of May…. which keeps it right on schedule for what I hoped to do.  I have not been able to finalize the price yet, which will possibly be in the $12-14 range.  Just know most of that money is not mine, but the printer’s.

So I hope the two bits of good news are enough to satisfy you.  Plus the apology for those who got a sub-standard product.  I hope that my future endeavors will do much to show you that a second chance is worth it.

Thank you.

p.s.  I’m still sorry.

p.p.s.  Really.

Addendum:  It looks like the updated version will not go live for 48 hours after at the earliest.  The longest it will take is 10 days.  I don’t THINK it will take that long since the ‘look inside’ sample has already upgraded, but who knows?  If you do have your device set for automatic updates, and you do not receive the updated book by May 12th, contact me.  I am going to attempt to push the whole thing as of Monday.


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