Chapter Titles

Yep!  Something fun for Friday!  Here are the current (always subject to change) Chapter Titles.  See if you can figure out what the heck is going on?!



1. Winning the Battle, Losing the War

2. Brother Finn Arrives

3. Determining the Price, Choosing of the Children

4. For the Greatest Good, They Leave Home

5. The Long Ride Through Night

6. Good Reason Does Not Always Comfort

7. Meiderhvall

8. Brother Finn’s Heresy Revealed

9. Like Chattel Across the Water

10. A Raging Storm Shall Not Dissuade

11. And God Shall Manifest His Mighty Hand

12. After the Wreck

13. The Bitter Prices of Salvation

14. Condemnations, Commendations, & Questions

15. Bequeathed An Infernal Inheritance

16. Brambles & Thorns in the Night

17. Escaping the Conflagration

18. Craftily, Our Sins Come To Ravage Us

19. Hooks of the Manitou

20. An Ancient Evil Named

21. Exorcism

22. Celebration on the Beach

23. Sailing through Tangled Webs

24. On the Precipice of Disaster

25. Run Aground

26. Escape From Ogimaak Mikwam Island

27. Lost Lambs

28. Imprisoned

29. A Change in the Weather

30. Lies and Monsters

31. The Wrath of Ogimaak Mikwam

32. From All Sides, Enemies Arise

33. Stirring the Ashes

34. Brother Finn Tenders Hope In A Bleak World

35. Ascending to Saint Martin’s

36. Into Exile / Arrival at Kynligrspiejl

Of course, realize some of these titles are accurate but slightly misleading or contrary.  But hopefully, this has you curious as to what is contained inside these headings enough to go running out and want to buy buy buy!…

… once it comes out.  😉