State of the Edit: Face Scrubbing Frustration and Distraction

With a growl, I take off my glasses and scrub my face with my hands.  The frustration of the edit is just painful some days.

I’m late.

I’m angry about it.

I just want it to be magically >PING!< done.  Just done please.

On a positive note, I hit chapter 13 and am working on that aggressively.  On the downside, I’ve got 15 more chapters to go I think.  Or at least that’s my prediction.  My current page count is 181 pages, but I know that’s going to grow because about 5 of those upcoming chapters I have to write from nearly scratch.  Oh the pain of it all!

So okay… re evaluating a new deadline.  Labor Day.  Sure, that sounds good.  I might have to get back onto the social media and gaming fast to reach it.  Anyway, that’s the new shift for me.

On the other hand, gaming and the election are REALLY pulling at my attention span.  It’s so astounding and upsetting… so I go onto World of Warships and sink some ships to get the frustration out.  (or depending some days GROW the frustration because I suck or the game cheats… I dunno.  Something goes wrong and I get more ticked off.)

I’ve even made some videos of it for fun, though I have stopped mixing in music from my collection because I don’t want to get sued even though it’s not making any money.  Trust me, free music is generally pretty bad for this kind of stuff, and I really miss making videos scored to popular stuff.  That means one last mission, scored was posted and that was it.  But here’s one I can share here.

What can I say?  Even in my free time, I’m doing something creative to some extent.

I have to push myself too in an effort to get as much done as possible for the end of the month, I’m taking a vacation.  Hopefully that won’t throw me off too much.

But this is what life is throwing at me.

Now, what kind of things would you like to hear about?  Personal stories? More politics, philosophy, religion?  Creative stuff?  Post below what you think.

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