Oh yeah! Friday…. ermmmm.

Since I did a Wednesday post, I don’t have much to say today really, and did not prep any more Timeline or Atlas posts nor any Orion’s Articles.  Nope instead I spent it… Dun Dun DUN!!!!!  Editing the novel!  Huzzah!

No way!


Okay so I’m a bit loopy.  Good news I’ve burned through 90 pages or so, depending on how the software counts it today.  Yeah… I don’t know why it changes either sometimes.


But! I am happy with the results other than keeping finding grammatical edits I missed like changing I and me to he, us to they, so on and so forth.  It’s like finding legos by feel in  the dark, with your feet.

But I got to edit my first big conflict chapter.  It’s a whopper and I really REALLY hope changing the voice does not steal from the tension and impact of the work.  But I was left emotionally spent after slogging through about 10,000 words for that rough 2nd edit.  We’ll see how it turns out in the end.  That means I’m getting closer to some more difficult choices as what is to come is a reorganization of the middle build.  I suspect that will be harder than the final conclusion which much of that I will have to make out of whole cloth as the saying goes.

At least it goes.

Now back to my real job, so little to no editing again till Monday.