Timeline of Akiniwazi: 800-1000AD

Like I said… I’m going to provide those interested with an ‘Inside Baseball” look at some of the resources to the world of Akiniwazi.  Outside of it’s atlas will be the timeline.  I think what I’m going to do is introduce these in alternating weeks, assuming they don’t interfere with my editing schedule.  Oh you have no idea!  These are pages, not posts, so watch for the heads up posts as they come along if you’re looking for fresh content.


Akiniwazi is an alternate reality where the old world (all the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa are exactly the same as we know it today.  North America, as it pertains to this setting is radically different.  It was discovered by Vikings in this universe, and that is when the two diverge at approximately 800AD.

Again, this is a work of fantasy with historical roots that I have attempted to be faithful to the spirit of these real historical events as I saw them, but took literary license with it as well.  So if someone’s going to criticize that “It wouldn’t happen that way”, let me stop you now, hand you a glass of Handwaivium with a Getoveritonium chaser and ask you to enjoy the work for what it is:  Fantasy as about as hard as I could make it considering the circumstances.  This timeline will grow over time.  But for now, here are a few things to consider.

Also, please remember, these are ROUGH NOTES!  Not finished product, and is just here for your personal enjoyment.  So there will probably be typos and other organic things.  How often does an author share his mind like this, right?  Please take that into account when perusing the notes and see how the world grows.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Timeline of Akiniwazi