5 Star Kindle Reviewer

I really enjoyed this book. There is so many unique elements that come together in this book. The author took the time to go beyond the traditional fantasy to create a world that stands apart from other books. There are characters that I can root for and am looking forward to reading more about them in the next books. I felt that the spiritual aspects were handled well and went deeper then a lot of books tend to go. The characters were allowed to be human and show struggles with their of faith. There was a lot of action which kept the book moving. I noticed that for me the book didn’t have the mid-book slow down that many books have. There are a couple of things that might be a turn off to some people. The first would be the vocabulary. The characters talk like they really belong in the world they are in. There is plenty of unique words to go with the world. There is a glossary in the back if you need it but I never looked at it until I finished the book though there was a few times I was guessing off of context what a certain words meant. So if you don’t like that deep of world-building then this probably will not be a book for you. The second thing would be if you aren’t okay with a fantasy being anything but medieval. I didn’t realize that there was steam technology in it until I made it a couple of chapters in. I think it is mentioned in the blurb but if you miss it you might find it jarring. Neither of these things were a problem or poorly done but I could see some people might dislike it for those reasons. Having said that, it is a great read and I am looking forward to continuing the series.