The Waking Nightmares – Cover Reveal!

At long last, I finally found an artist to work with and boy was it worth the struggle to find him. Neutronboar has cracked out a fantastic cover, and will also be lending his talents to redo all the previous Dream Nebula covers, plus the upcoming Dream Nebula Omnibus!

That’s right, next year, we’re going to compile all the novellas and short stories (some of which you won’t have seen before) into a new trade paperback, AND hardcover book. It’s going to be a whopper to!

So here it is, with the blurb!

Winston, Bubby and Holly face a danger that could exterminate all life on Puala’Lolo!

A place with no stars… no sun… no moon… no Earth. Only the shattered wreckage of the solar system floating in an endless technicolor sky.

After convalescing for a month, Winston and Billy Joe are eager to begin their new job protecting Baron Quentin Junker in his quest to find the lost true history of Earth. They didn’t expect to be thrown into the middle of an ecological catastrophe.

An unknown enemy has unleashed an alien attack upon the moon Puala’Lolo, intent on transforming everything into a new biosphere devoid of all carbon-based life.

Now Winston must lead a confederacy of the Baron’s guardsmen and treacherous skypirates to stop the monsters before they annihilate his new home. Will he come to terms with the discovery that his worst nightmare has come true: someone has tampered with his mind…

…Is it still paranoia if someone is out to get you?

“The Waking Nightmares” is a thrilling science fiction pulp/punk adventure inspired by “Aliens”, “Sentenced to Prism”, and “The Matrix Reloaded”.

Watch for the pre-orders on Amazon, Smashwords and through your favorite local bookstore. (probably will be ready to access by the end of the week.)

So there you have it boys and girls, ladies and gents! Book 3 of Tales From the Dream Nebula is revealed! Will you choose to follow Winston, Bubby and Holly as they fight off The Waking Nightmares???

Till next time! Vaya con Dios!

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