New Interview: The Iron Man Podcast

How do, everybody!

I’ve been on a bit of a live stream tear lately. Last week I got an “out of the blue” chance to work with a new up and comer in the indie author promotion arena who goes by the complex name of C9MSK, or Master Swag King. He mostly does podcasts about e-sports and Yu-gi-oh, but is branching out into indie content. I found his style of interviewing really fun and different. He did a lot of focusing outside the writing, getting to know the authors, in this case me, as people and their history. I’ve watched a few more of his podcasts and find he’s got a great style. So check him out!

In other news, Tales From the Dream Nebula #3 “The Waking Nightmares” is at the editor. So far we’re still on schedule for the first week of December release. I’m starting work on a brand new freebie story for you who subscribe to the newsletter too. So keep an eye out for that!

Note, if you’ve signed up for the newsletter but never got anything or the free download gave you errors, it’s because you haven’t confirmed your email account through it. Please contact us so we can activate it, or find the email from book funnel or Mailer Lite in your spam/junk folder or wherever you had this sent to. We legally can’t contact those who never got their newsletter or freebie. So you have to reach out to us here in order for us to straighten it out. There’s more than a dozen of you being left out!

This weekend kicks off a very busy run for us. 3 events in 4 weeks. Books have been ordered. More Morris boards are going to be made and we’re going to be ready. See our schedule and check out whether or not the event is in your area.

I recently read a really good indie author (that for some reason Amazon won’t let me leave a review for), but I can highly recommend S. Kirk Pierzchala’s book “Harshest Dawn”. A cyberpunk techno-thriller that felt so plausible, it had me quite nervous for what the future holds for this nation. If you like your cyberpunk feeling more like Brad Thor or Tom Clancy, go check out her whole “Cascadia” series.

That’s where we sit currently. More updates will come.

Till next time, vaya con Dios!

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