A Little Visit With Periapsis Press

I was given an opportunity last week to hang out with Katie at Periapsis Press and discuss a whole mess of topics along with Timo Burnham, the Free Narnian and Christian Magrum. Just a low key event to chill and chat about what’s going on in the Iron Age of Media.

I had been trying to write an article about the need for criticism and promotion for independent authors to change and grow in an effort to improve the community, but then it all came out in a bit of a rant during the podcast. Check it out. Check out Katie’s reviews too. She puts in the legwork and can really give some good insight as to what you’re gonna read next.

The Waking Nightmares is coming so soon! I can’t believe it. December is so close. Keep an eye out for the preorders and the launch. Any bit of chatter about it helps. Every review and retweet, comment and post makes a difference. If you’ve been reading it and loving it, let everyone know!

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Till then, vaya con Dios!

Holly says read “Tales From the Dream Nebula”. She likes the attention.

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