August 2023 Recap

How do everyone!

Amazing how fast August flew by. We went to two shows, Big Lick Comicon and Pikeville Comic and Toy Show. Learned a lot of stuff from them, but unfortunately, they weren’t the most effective of shows for us. Good interactions with people as they came up. Lots of compliments on our booth, but generally, they were mostly there for the celebrities or vintage collectables. At the toy show, it seemed like all the things that normally didn’t sell well, did best, and that really helped out. But as my wife and I keep telling ourselves, this is the first year. We’re experimenting and seeing what works. Now we know a lot more going forward, and that has us brimming with hope that next year will be better.

The best we can figure out is that it was a combination of “Con Fatigue” since there were a LOT of them this last month, plus the 900lbs gorilla known as GenCon. We also suspect a lot of it has to do with the general economy, (Thanks Joe) and people having to get ready to go back to school. But who knows? Other vendors we talked to said that last August they did very well. Nature of the beast, I guess.

But all is not gloomy!

A couple weeks back, “Lucid Reality” was featured on the podcast “A Drink With Crazy”. It’s turning out to be quite a fun channel on Youtube and Rumble. If you’re looking for more indie content to read or listen to, you gotta check out this podcast. “Lucid Reality” enters the fray at 1:07:30-ish

This is the kind of place where you go to learn what’s out there for new kickstarters and projects from comics to novels to videogames to animation. Give them a watch.

Although we ran the first session of GURPS – Tales From the Dream Nebula last month the project is going to have to be scrapped and retooled. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to a schedule that all of us could keep. Sorry to all who were enjoying the experiment. We’re going to see if we can find some others who would be interested in playing and try again if possible. As it stands, the content for the games could lead instead to a pair of novels for TFDN’s Amplified Worlds (which are going to be stand alone stories not related to the main storyline of Winston, Billy Joe and company. We are considering moving to an online game for people who are interested and would be able to make a regular schedule. Reach out if you’re interested in participating in such a project.

So that was our August in a nutshell.

Now that September is here, the events are less as we gear up for a busy autumn through the first week of December. We’re already organizing for a very busy 2024. We learned a lot of what kinds of events work best for us so far, and what the limits of our con attendance ranges are and how to make it happen financially.

June 2024 is going to be crazy busy if all the places we applied to vend at are accepted. We’re going to look for more local area events of small shows and festivals. (We’d love to try doing Bridge Day, but the logistics just don’t work out. Plus books and lightweight items on top of a windy bridge? Might not be the best combo. But, boy that view!) There are a couple big events we want to go to and hope we get confirmation back about it.

Otherwise, the editing for “The Waking Nightmares” is moving forward well now that a big plot hole was fixed I’m pounding at the cover to get it made in time, and we should be good and ready for a December release. I’m in talks with a few people about video reviews and maybe interviews. We’ll see how that goes. Every bit helps, right? Hope to have more good news coming up in the future.

Till then, vaya con Dios!

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