Lucid Reality is Here!

Book 2 of “Tales From the Dream Nebula” launches in less than 2 weeks !

Holly in action, fighting for her life!

Come back and to enjoy the thrill and excitement as Winston, Billy Joe, Holly and Mother return.

Somedays… the right thing is the wrong thing to do.

Sky trucker Winston Harper thought he was in the clear. He evaded imperial forces to deliver his contraband cargo, escaped a black void event, and performed the heroic rescue of a medical facility. But, no good deed goes unpunished, because his act of mercy has landed him in a load of trouble.

Now he’s stuck dealing with a cargo load of crazy, including a noble woman trying to free her brother-in-law from false imprisonment, a stowaway that almost fried his brain and a corrupt administrator determined to lobotomize them all to keep the secrets of the Bonavitae Corporation hidden.

Add to that an epic storm, being stalked by pirates from behind and imperial security cutting them off, Winston and company are caught between rocks and hard cases, with options dwindling fast. It’s going to take a whole lot of skill and a ton of luck to get back control of his tug, the Sierra Madre, from those who hijacked it and fly out of this cheis-storm!

An early render of Billy Joe

But wait, there’s more!

The Dream Nebula TTRPG Twitchstream is going to do a test run this weekend. We’re partnering up with Dragon’s Den of Beckley, WV to run these games and do the twitch stream. You can find it here:

Come and voyeur as we get together to make up characters, talk storyline and generally prep for some fun. I know a lot of you have expressed interest in watching when we’ve talked to you at events, so make sure to watch on Saturday June 10th. We should be starting the podcast around 1pm-ish, technical difficulties depending. We’ll toss in some tidbits and backstory about the world and what direction we’re going to take the story. The chat feed will be rolling so you can toss in and there may be times I’ll call out for suggestions from the audience, so be ready!

More news from the adventures we had at the WV Renaissance Festival in a few days. Till then, vaya con Dios!