Updated Event Schedule & More

I said it was coming, and boy howdy! There’s a lot of stuff added. Check it out and see if you’re going to be able to come visit us at any of these events. Two events are still pending confirmation, but things are looking really good so I’m putting them up there in anticipation. Anything in green is a go. Confirmed and locked in barring disaster, illness or something else.

Also, if you’re an event organizer and want a sci-fi/fantasy author, reach out. We’re willing to consider many types of events. Just note that our travel is limited to being regional, and due to tax laws, we can’t go to certain states. The last thing we want is some state wanting to “dip its beak” for a year on all sorts of things not theirs.

A little fun note for you. We’ve been going to more movies than usual, so we saw “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” and “John Wick 4”. A good time was had by all, but as for rating them, I’d have to give D&D: HOT a solid 4 out of 5 rating. I was pleasantly surprised by many things, and it really did my old school D&D heart proud on many things. Lots of fan service. I could squee for quite a while, and would see the movie again (at matinee prices.)

On the other hand, I would have to give “John Wick 4” a 2 star out of 5 rating. There are many reasons I felt this way, and could do an entire post on it if people care to hear it. This is my writer’s brain checking my fanboy brain into the glass. Mind you, the spectacle of John Wick is phenomenal, and I really like the main actors in it. (No matter what you think of Donny Yen off screen, his performance is excellent in many ways), while Ian McShane and Lawrence Fishburne I only wish had much larger parts. I also love the insertion of Clancy Brown as a Harbinger. I joked that you knew you were in trouble when the Kurgon shows up. (Google it. ;c) ) I will note I’m really pissed how they did Lance Riddick. Having his real life passing happen just before this made that a bit more bitter. So yeah. I’ll still probably buy it to complete my set of movies.

Ultimately though, it’s impressive I saw so many movies thus far this year. But after we go see the 20th anniversary of Return of the King, I’m going to be movied out for a while.

Oh, I should also mention on the creative front, there are plans being made to bring something rather special to the page, and with the cooperation of a local gaming store, you may get to experience the Dream Nebula in a way you didn’t expect! Announcements coming soon on that front.

So till next time… vaya con Dios!

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