Breaking News!

Some really exciting news is coming! We’ve really been working the festivals, cons and craftshows around WV and neighboring states and we have some big announcements very soon. Keep an eye on our events page! Things are going to be added on soon. It looks like we’re going to have a very busy summer and autumn. Pray we don’t get worn out and we’re successful enough to keep funding the next one to keep the roll going.

Also, tomorrow, the reviews go live on for Dreams With Dreams. Drop on by, leave an upvote or a comment to help me out and let people know your thoughts on the book! Let em know if you agree or disagree. Be respectful if you do.

I’m sorry that I have to push back the release of book 2, “Lucid Reality”. Just too much has to happen to get ready to begin our new schedule which we will be starting this month. I’m sure you’ll be happy when we can tell you more. Good news is you won’t have to wait very long. We’re only pushing back to June, so you’ll get it then.

Also, get ready for an increased production schedule with a more standardized release schedule, a newsletter and freebies for subscribers are being worked on.

More details soon.

Till then, vaya con Dios!

You heard it here first, folks!

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