Something’s Rotten…

Dirty pool, old man.

It has come to my attention there’s possibly something fishy happening down the Amazon way, and for those who may be visiting those pages, I want you to be aware of it as it might be affecting you too on other reviews you posted for other products.

To all those who have read my book and left a review on Amazon. For some reason they are reluctant/refusing/dragging their feet to post any reviews. Out of the 3 I directly know have been posted, a week later, one of them have shown up and it showed up within 30 minutes.

I’ve contacted Amazon and they have basically blown me off, twice. They claim “It take several days…” Well, it’s been a week for the ones that are missing. That’s no longer acceptable when you can post one in 30 minutes while I watch. If they’re attaching review speed to the amount of purchases a reviewer makes, that’s really dirty pool.

I mean, I’ve been advised by other writers to not concern yourself with those things. I know I know, I probably shouldn’t. Much like actors should avoid following their reviews too. But I’ve not hit that level yet. I still like hearing what youse guys have to say. And I know how much real, honest reviews matter to me when I’m looking at products, and want the same for what I put out there.

So, if you have left a review, or you were going to, put it anywhere but Amazon. Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Try Goodreads even, or post it on FB. Send me a link to your public post there I’ll re-link the quality ones, and start posting them in the reviewer comments on Amazon where I do have control.

I’ll have to try their customer service again, but I don’t have high hopes. The other option is for you to complain to their customer service about the status of your review. It seems that you can demand a reason why it’s not posted. (of course, if you’ve not bought $50 of goods through their site, they won’t let you review.) Starting Monday next week I’ll try again if they don’t show.

Ultimately, thank you all so much for your support and love of the story.

Next time, a recap of Dualcon and the good news from that.