Welcome to the Dream Nebula – Roadshow Edition

After playtesting, the GURP’s demo of “Tales From the Dream Nebula” is now on tour! That means if I’m at a show, and there’s gaming tables to be had, I’ll be looking to run this game demo after the event, usually after the vendor booths are closed.

For those who will be interested, this is a unique story set in the Dream Nebula where between 4-8 players get to choose from a selection of 9 possible pre-rolled characters. Each mix will result in quite a different outcome as the characters are designed to support the others, but not be interchangeable.

So what’s the plot of the game? How do I kick it off? Well let me tell you…

Welcome to Londinium! The city of London reborn on an archipelago of small skylands interconnected with bridges and tubes, the skies filled with gigantic dirigible airships and thousand car skytrains, flying tugs, drones, grav cars and people flitting about in ultralight aircraft or flying about with their “Bumblebee” flight rigs. The skies are often filled with glowing clouds and dark fogs that would make Old Blighty proud. Big Ben still chimes the hour, and the Old Bailey materializes and vanishes in the fog like the legendary town of Brigadoon.

You find yourself in Londinium Station in the Luxury Class boarding lounge, awaiting the arrival of your shuttle to the airliner, the Imperial Grandeur! An airship fit for Emperor Xiao himself. In fact, it is one of the few private vessels that has a mobile court for your supreme monarch. Of course, when the Eternal Emperor is not on board, it doubles as a private club for the members of his court and for very special events, like what is almost upon us.

Although you may not be one of the festive holiday revelers or the faithful pilgrims off to celebrate Xiaomas at the Shrine of Xiao in Aegibria, the end of the Imperial Grandeur’s line. The holiday cruise has two stops left before arrival in Istantinople, and Konongabo, floating continents unto themselves. How you managed to get ticket upgrades to such lofty heights, just below Nobility Class, is a mystery to you too and thank your lucky clouds that you will enjoy the comforts of one of the most celebrated airliners in the Dream.

Some of you will be staying in Aegibria to celebrate Xmas, others will travel on to their final destinations, but one thing’s for certain, this will be the trip of a lifetime!

Now here’s a question for you, dear reader. We are considering starting to write system neutral gaming modules set in the Dream Nebula, and starting on an RPG worldbook. Is this something you’d be interested in? Leave a reply and your opinions on the matter.

Oh, I almost forgot. There are plans to record the games for people to watch/listen to. Leave your opinions in the comments.

Otherwise, the book is on sale all over the place! Get your copy now! Oh and if you’re going to be at a show I’ll be at and you want it autographed, bring it by! I’m not shy nor do I bite.

But till next time with more updates and fun, behave yourselves if you can.

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