Three to get Ready…

All the worry, stress and trepidation are over! The paperback copies of Dreams Within Dreams have arrived in time for their launch in 8 days!

Photo by the Darling Bride.

We also received the book cover magnets as well, so the merch is all in for the show! I’m so ecstatic!

The presale for the ebook is on Smashwords if you can’t wait for it. If you want the hard copy, you can preorder it on Amazon.

We will be handselling these at Dualcon in 10 days!

The excitement is growing!

All we have to hear about now is if I’m going to be running GURPs at the con for my “Welcome to the Dream Nebula” one-shot game.” Once that’s confirmed, everything will be in place. (except where load-in occurs).

We’ll figure it out. here’s some of the pictures of the pre-rolled characters. Let’s hear it for Stable Diffusion and a ton of new models!

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