I hate this.  Every time the deadline comes up, the distractions multiply.  Anyone else have this problem?



What the hey?  No one?


Anyway, this post is more about the upcoming NaNoWriMo project.  Here’s the description and current working title (subject to change) for those who are interested.  (Yes that is some of my artwork)

The Price of Mendacity

Author: ResonantOne
Genre: Fantasy


A family comes together to celebrate their patriarch’s birthday during a holiday feast when the secret is revealed that the man at the heart of the festivities is dying.  The celebration becomes a crucible where everyone is forced in their turn to confront the lies, schemes, avarice, and the soft comfort of apathy they all wove for the sake of family’s power and themselves.

It is my intent to offer this bad boy up as a permafree stand alone novella set in the Akiniwazi universe.  I shall keep you all updated.