NaNoWriMo2016! Bonus Post!

Bonus Update!

Yep!  I’m jumping on board, and have been torn between one of two concepts so far that I’m playing with doing.

But, despite it being one of the two that I’m going to pursue, here’s my plan.

I am going to adapt a classic movie/play to my fantasy setting, write it out as a novella and look at making it FREE to the public!  As of this publication, I’m probably already doing a breakdown analysis of both to see which works best.  As things progress, you will learn more.

Why free?  Well, because reasons.



So, that’s part of why the big push to finish my third edit and get this off to the beta readers and start the process for the book cover et all before the end of the month.  Maybe I’ll be lucky and find an editor that can slot me in before January too.  That would be awesome.  Well, we’ll see how that goes… but if all goes according to plan, and so far it has been following pretty true to form, we will have some nice surprises coming.

Keep watching, sign up for updates and more.  Some good changes are a-comin’!

Update after writing this:  I’ve settled on a concept for NaNoWriMo and the “Beta Reader Draft” is just flying along!  Things are changing so fast!