The Internet is about to change for the worse.

The world is about to take a step backwards.

Barack Obama, against all better sense is surrendering the control of ICANN to the UN and alligned tin pot dictators and radical religious theocrats, and other governments which have a long history of suppressing free speech.

It is being ignored by the media who stands to profit by their biggest competator.

It is being touted by plutocrats who will be able to shut down critics and truth tellers at will.

The US government, for all its faults have given the world by extension First Amendment Rights protecting their freedom of speech to a large extent.  Once this control is thrown away by Barack Obama, you will not have that protection any more and could find yourself charged with crimes or just silenced.  Online business might suddenly get new taxes because governments want to pilfer your pockets for their own coffers.  There are a LOT of horrible things that could go wrong if you do not stand up and tell the US Congress to stop Obama’s careless endangerment of all internet freedom.

Here’s a good video on what’s at stake and what could happen.


I want everyone to be able to write and say and film and present what they want online.  Free speech is never more important than when you need to say something unpopular, but true.