Improving My Craft

Learning the craft of writing is far more than pecking away at a keyboard and handing over those thoughts without review.  Writing is in the re-writing and editing when pursuing a professional quality.

I am reminded of a special I watched on Monty Python.  In it, John Cleese explains how brutal they were on editing each other’s work.  Apparently, they were brutal to one another, and what was born out of such ruthlessness was on of the best comedy shows that ever had existed

It was erudite as well silly.  Bawdy or witty.  They also knew when they had said enough and ended the show.  Learning this on your own is nigh impossible, I suspect.  

A few months ago, I started listening to a few podcasts on writing and editing.  In an effort to share the wealth, here are some links to my favorites.

The Story Grid

By far a most excellent Podcast done by Shawn Coyne and hosted by Tim Grahl.  The Story Grid tool has single handedly altered how I write forever.  I now know how to dissect my writing on a grand scale far better and caught some huge mistakes I had been making.

The Creative Penn

Author Joanna Penn was my first foray into listening to craft related podcasts.  Her back catalogue is huge and has so many hidden nuggets on the industry as whole.  Plus her easy country English manner is good enough to read a phone book and draw a sizable audience.

Two other related bit not directly aimed at editing, but about the Self-publishing industry are:

The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

Hosted by Simon Whistler, this podcast is a great interview collection.  Simon is top notch in getting some interesring tidbits from authors who have made it.  The site’s pop-up adds are not well optimized for mobiles, so be ready for that irritation, but the product is well worth it.

Author Level Up

This is more of a vlog as it is a YouTube channel hosted by Michael LaRonn.  Although he is taking a break at the moment as to focus on some related creative work, is format is perfect for quick, useful advice.  He also focuses more on the business side of creating your author brand making it an invaluable little show.

I hope these resources can be a help to you too.

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