The First Galley


My novel has never been printed before.

…till now.


It may seem stupid, but I have no functioning printer.  I probably will have to remedy this soon.  So how did I get a printed copy?  My father, in a glorious show of support shared a part of my second edit with my aunt, a former English teacher.  She printed it, and read it with a teacher’s eye for a good part of the novel she had till I said “No no!  Don’t for now.  Just enjoy it and tell me what you think”.  Needless to say it was a thrill to meet with her tonight and hear and see her reaction.  It is a rare gift for a writer at this stage to experience the joy and thrill you give someone with your work.

Today, I got a small piece of that in hard copy.  I admit I got a little verklempt over it… but not as much as my aunt who didn’t realize the kindness she did.


Over dinner tonight, to which they were wonderful hosts, I got to experience a little of what they experienced.  It was like being given a breath of fresh air.  I’m so close to my creation, it’s like being underwater, and I can’t truly appreciate it when working so close.  To hear that I thrilled her and dragged her through the story, (even causing to miss her ritual of watching the news one day) is a joy that I will treasure always.

As it sits right now, I’m about to enter ‘end game’ status on my 2nd edit.  Most of what I have written so far is about to be completed, and I am going to be entering the ‘whole cloth’ arena where I will be writing new stuff to finish off all the groundwork I’ve laid.  I pray that this enthusiasm and joy will pull me through it all.

I would like to thank all those brave souls who have been my “Alpha Readers” so far.  Torfinn, Francois, Jon, Tori, Geoff, and now my parents and aunt, thank you for your feedback so far.  Your help and expertise has been a phenomenal help.  To my family I want to thank you all again for your support and belief in me.  It matters a lot for my confidence in myself does not sustain as well as I would hope.  Living out there on the raw creative edge is a weathering experience.

More will be coming soon, and I will be getting a more formalized Beta Read stage.  Then some polishing and hopefully off to the editor.